Ellen Blackman-Buckwalter, PsyD.

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Project Description

Dr. Buckwalter received her degree in clinical psychology in 2001 from Florida Institute of Technology.  She has worked in the mental health field for about 30 years and has been in numerous types of settings and worked with different populations. One core belief she has learned is that our thoughts, behavior and feelings always make sense. They may not serve in our best interest, but we can figure out the origins, which then allows us to tackle the issues and move beyond them. She will work in a collaborative fashion with you to reach your goals. She is an excellent active listener who is warm and compassionate and may gently challenge you at times to help you get where you want, but you will feel supported in the process. Her principal approach is cognitive behavioral, but she draws from other theories as well, including psychodynamic, attachment, Gestalt therapy, mindfulness, and Rogerian theory. She has strong boundaries in therapy and is not going to waste your time talking about herself. This is about you! And helping you reach success!